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Solution Delivered

Access to your local network will be dependent on the VPN endpoint (VPN Router, VPN Gateway, Secure Router) and the split tunnel mode assigned to your profile. "Enable_Inverse_Local" would be necessary to maintain connectivity to your local network.

Based on the during connection table above I would assume your tunnel mode is "enabled" only and your VIP (endpoint) is

Changing your route table, again depending on endpoint, should disconnect you -- as client-side route table manipulation is frowned upon. Even if you manage to modify the routes, by changing the default gateway above to the same metric 21 as your existing gateway creates a non-deterministic route. The OS (Windows XP in your case) will choose the first entry only.

Whomever manages your endpoint needs to select the appropriate split tunnel mode "enable_inverse_local" to allow you to access local subnets.

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