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Default Incoming call routing not allowing call forwarding

We have (2) offices that are set up as hunt groups. Office A's phone number is set-up so that incoming calls automatically go to office B - basically office B answers both office A + B's incoming calls. When the receptionist goes to lunch, Office B's calls are supposed to be forwarded to Office A - we just use the FWD option on the phone and enter the extension of the phone we want all the calls (from both offices) to go to. The calls from both offices aren't getting forwarded though - the line rings once and goes into the VM system. How can we fix that?

Before we changed the incoming call routing, the FWD'ing used to work. Each office answered their own calls, and when one receptionist went to lunch, the other would just FWD their phone to the others extension. This worked perfectly until we restructured our office so that office B now needs to answer all the calls. We can't leave office A's phone set on FWD all day, because it creates a hassle with internal extension dialing: I would need to reach Office B and have them transfer me to the extension I wanted instead of just being able to dial ext #xxx and end up with the person I needed.
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