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Default Camp-on working with SIPDECT

The following is documented in further detail in SOLN248695

CS1000 Call Server patch MPLR33047 has been created to allow the camp-on feature to work with Avaya CS1000 SIPDECT
NOTE: That this is CS1000 workaround for a SIP DECT limitation:
When the other party releases the call the SIP DECT client is BUSY for several seconds providing the corresponding signal to the user.

A new "DCAM" prompt is added to Data Block: TIM (Timers) in Overlay 15.

DCAM (0)-7 SIP DECT Camp-On Delay Timer:

The number of seconds in 2 second intervals that the Camp-On to SIP DECT is delayed before being presented. If entry is 0, the timer is not active.
This prompt is not available in EM.
"SIP Line Services" package 417 must be equipped.

In a SIPDECT implementation the recommended DCAM value = 4 (~8 seconds) to avoid the problems from being encountered. I lower value may result in the camped on call being presented too quickly.
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