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Solution Delivered I think you need a coverage remote for this

Originally Posted by sridh2 View Post

CM version--5.2
yes this phone is connected to ACD and used by agents.
it is Avaya phone
No VPN connection

Currently this phone has extension number 1000 , i want to change that number as 1000100010 (from 4 digits to 10 digits).

Perhaps I do not understand the task you have before you. I have never changed the dail plan for only one number but for all stations on a switch. I do not believe it can be done. But wait . . . I think this is not really what you want.

Let me see if I have this right . . . You have a number in another location that one of more of your staff needs to call. That station (extension number) is on a sepparate Avaya PBX (or switch) in another state. To call that number you dial an access code (9) and the full 10 digits. Right?

If this is the case . . .
  1. Set up a remote coverage path: "change coverage remote 1" and type the number you want to call in a blank space. Let's say the number is 1000 in Providence RI. That would make the entry "914014591000." Remember to put in the access code (usually 9) first.
  2. Set up a new coverage path: "add coverage path next"
  3. Set the number of rings to "1."
  4. Set "point 1" to the r+the remote coverage number.
  5. Add a new local station.
  6. Set the coverage path on page 1 of the station config to the number of the coverage path.
  7. Test . . . always test.
Let me know if this was what you needed.
Thank you,
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