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Default Incoming Call Routing not working

I am setting up a new installation and will eventually have 7 POTs lines terminating two on ATM/Combo cards. Ports 1-6 are not used as I am not using any digital handsets. Port 7&8 have analog phones on them. I have a single POTs line plugged into port 9 right now and the number is XXX-XXX-0555. I have setup Incoming Call Route by simply adding a new route. I am using the default Group ID of 0 and set the Incoming Number to the last 4 digits 0555. I have it set to Any Voice for Bearer Capacity. I then changed the destination to one of my Hunt Groups that works fine internally.

The issue is when I try and call into the system, I can see activity on the line but nothings ringing anywhere. I can dial out just fine by pressing 9+the 10 digit number I am calling. This ensures me the line is working; plus I can plug the line into an analog phone and everything works fine. I just can't seem to get it to route to anything.

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