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Default Configuring EuroISDN for MPS 500

Hi To all,

We are trying to configure the MPS 500 Rls 3.0 to EuroISDN. We are using the isdn_net5_proto.cfg. We changed the mf to crc4 as the E1 is using crc4.

The TMS span LED is Green however we still have the D-Channel link down.
Below is the output of "dlt spanstatus 1"

Span Type: E1 ISDN (basic)
Span Status: In service
Alarm State: Green
Alarm Recieved: (None)
Alarm Transmitted: (None)
Span Conditions: (None)
Loopback: Disabled
Source of Timing: Yes
Number of Channels: 30
Channels Online: ALL
D_Channel Status: Link_Down

Please help
Thanks in advance!
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