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I would suggest you to gather following information first :-
1) Has there been any change in the fax call flows after changing from CM1.3 MCC to CM5.2 with S87XX and G650s.
2) If yes, get the complete end to end call flow for outward faxes:- Originating stations, their location (PN / Port) on the system, the board location of the outward trunk.
3) If the originating station and outward fax trunk are in different PNs, then get the details of how the inter-PN call works. Is it IP or over TDM?
4) a "List trace station" on the originating fax extension to understand the components involved and to see if there is any packet loss / jitter on the trace (if IP network involved in the call flow).
5) Check the fax codec set being used for the call.

Once you gather this information, you would be able to atleast isolate the issue and then troubleshoot further by deciding next action plan
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