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Solution Delivered Agent Waiting Time Management

Originally Posted by hall239 View Post
We have reps who have anywhere from 4-15 skills assigned to them. Most are setup as Level 1 for all. Like I said 'Most'.
The problem I am running into is; The rep who is sitting available the longest does not always get the call first. What settings need to be changed to ensure this happens?

Let me know if it is through CMS Supervisor, or through the backend administration please, as if it is through the backend, I will need to engage another person.

We are using CMS Supervisor R17.
In the many years that I have worked with call centers, I have seen the extent to which a few agents will go to stay off the phones. I have seen Agents who will take a call and immediately hang up over and over in an attempt to raise their calls handled count. Back in the days when 10base2 networks were common, I would see agents loosen a BnC connector just enough to kill the network.

For you, the trick is setting up the "Group Type" on tab 1 in the hunt-group configuration. We mostly use . . .

Expert Agent Distribution Least Occupied Agent (EAD-LOA)
This causes the available agent with the highest skill level and the lowest percentage of work (call) time. This counteracts the agent doing the quick hang-up thing. But to answer your question . . .

Expert Agent Distribution Most Idle Agent (EAD-MIA)
Is probably what you seek. This shows Agents’ time waiting for calls since the last call taken. It is reset each time an ACD call is taken.

Any time an agent goes on AUX-Work, the clock resets. So a crafty agent that keeps turning AUX-Work on and off will also re-set the timer. Agents will find other ways to work less. And I’m sure that I do not6 know them all.

Here’s a quick way to check your agents. Open a Real-Time; Skill Status report in CMS for the split you want to check. Right click on an agent and select the “integrated Agent Information Option.” This presents a wealth of performance information. And if you suspect misbehavior, use the Activate Agent Trace in Agent Administration. But use this sparingly for a day or two. This captures every phone key press. So it is a memory hog.
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