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Default How to set endpoints run 720P/60f with MCU 6140

Hi all !
Our company recent bought 01 MCU ELITE 6140 + 01 Management Server + 01 Recording and Streaming Server.
- The first problem is that I try to set virtual room for 720P/60F in CP mode with no success. It alway run 720P/30F even if I set bitrate to 4096 Kb/s. The endpoint I used is Sony XG-80 and Avaya XT-5000. When I connect direcly from endpoint to endpoint, 720P/60F mode workfine. I also set meeting type to Motion, but no luck.
- Second, due to large number of endpoint ( ~ 131 endpoints = 04 XT5000 + 18XG-80 + 109 Scopia Desktop client ), I change to SWITCH VIDEO mode to run with 720P/30F resolution. The issue is with all hardware endpoint ( or XT5000 + Scopia Desktop ), it run fine, but when mixed XG-80 with Scopia Destop, the frame rate and bitrate of XG-80 decrease and failed.
Our MCU6140 version :
Scopia Management version :
Scopia Desktop Server version : 8.3.800.037
- Our company also has a MCU ELITE 5110 with version : 7.7.10, may i try to cascade 5110 to increase capacity instead of run ricky SW mode ?
Sorry for bad English
Best regards
Le Minh Nguyen Trieu
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