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Default I hate the new site

It's awful. I would rather have an ugly useable site than a pretty un-useable site

1) it's slow
2) the site keeps offering me top solutions yet when i click on them i get
Avaya -- Proprietary. Use pursuant to the terms of your signed agreement or Avaya policy
3)when doing a search not only do i have to scroll in the browser, but i have to scoll in the search pane
4)in documents and downloads, i can't always view the entire title and i have to hover over it to read the rest. I also can't do a search like i did on the old site because it doesn't load more data in the window until you scroll down. I don't always know what i'm looking for so the more information you can show me the better.
5)scrolling down in the search locks up sometimes and just displays the spinning circle
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