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Originally Posted by bgosserand View Post
It's awful. I would rather have an ugly useable site than a pretty un-useable site

1) it's slow
2) the site keeps offering me top solutions yet when i click on them i get
Avaya -- Proprietary. Use pursuant to the terms of your signed agreement or Avaya policy
3)when doing a search not only do i have to scroll in the browser, but i have to scoll in the search pane
4)in documents and downloads, i can't always view the entire title and i have to hover over it to read the rest. I also can't do a search like i did on the old site because it doesn't load more data in the window until you scroll down. I don't always know what i'm looking for so the more information you can show me the better.
5)scrolling down in the search locks up sometimes and just displays the spinning circle
I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing several challenges with the new Support site. However, your feedback is valuable to us. You have raised several issues, to which I would like to respond:
  1. Slow performance. We actually have optimized our servers and transactional performance, so if you are experiencing the site being "slow", we'd like to get more information from you so that we can better diagnose the conditions causing this issue. If you could email us at the next time you are experiencing this slow down and include the date/time, state/region (so we can identify which of the distributed servers you are accessing), browser & version, transactions you are trying to perform and in what webpage, and the amount of time it is taking, that would help us greatly in troubleshooting this issue.
  2. Proprietary information. This message indicates you do not have access to view the content based on your Avaya maintenance contract. I agree that this can be frustrating. In our next release, we hope to implement a solution that will block users from seeing documents to which they do not have authorization to access.
  3. Scrolling. Yes, the scrolling mechanism has been reported for its poor usability. We have including this in our list of enhancement requests.
As we work through these issues, may I recommend that you might find the documents more quickly by using the Products page instead of Documents & Downloads. If you don't see the latest documents, support notices and release notes that you need, then type in your topic in the Troubleshoot by Problem field. This will deliver immediate search results based on the product and release you have selected, as well as the specific key words that describe the information you need, such as "shut down server" or "set voicemail prompts." Or, if you use the Documents & Downloads page, click on one or two Content Types at a time to minimize the page load. Then after going through this content, deselect those Types and select the next Type. This will also help you track what document types you have already searched versus what you haven't searched.

If this still doesn't help, you can contact us in the Forums or Support@Avaya to help you find the content you are seeking. I'm sure we'll be able to provide more specific instructions in locating the type of documents, or the document link itself.
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