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Default Coverage Answer Group & Bridged Apperances


We have a group of 5 executive assistants that are looking for the following solution:

1. 3 line appearances of their own extension
2. Bridged appearances for 5 executives
3. Bridged appearances for the other 4 assistants that don't ring, but rather, are available to easily pickup and transfer calls that are answered
4. Want to have any calls directly to a assistant's extension that are not answered to then ring on all 5 phones

I created a coverage answer group with the personal extensions of all assistants to accommodate #4. I have found that this works without the bridged appearances of the other assistants in place (#3). As soon as I add those appearances, the coverage answer group no longer works. The calls skip it in the coverage path and go directly to point #2.

So, is it possible to have bridged appearances on a phone and still be part of the coverage answer group for that extension? If so, what would I need to change?

As a additional side note, I found that even if I don't have the bridged appearances in place for each assistant, the coverage path works if the person called is not on the phone. If they are active, then the phone will again not go to the coverage path and the call answer group but will again go directly to point #2 in the coverage path.

I hope that was clear and I appreciate any thoughts...thanks!
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