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Thanks for the logs... It seems that the HMS is sending a NOTIFY for the MWI

Messages-Waiting: yes\r\n
Message-Account: sip:6000@\r\n

Now the question is why is it sending it to 6000 instead it should be sending it to 6411 which is the one it seemed should be recieving the Voicemails according to the first History Info sent from the CM...

From what i see, i see two History Info Header's out of which 6000 is the first sent and then 6411 is seen...

History-Info: <sip:6000@>;index=1
History-Info: "HMS400" <sip:6411@>;index=1.2

[truncated] History-Info: "\320\256\321\200\320\270\320\271 \320\235\320\270\320\272\321\203\320\273\320\270\3 20\275" <sip:6000@ text%3D%22Temporarily%20Unavailable%22&Reason=Redi rection%3Bcause%3DNOR

Can you explain the call flow since it does not seem to be a straight forward calls from an extn to voicemail...

Kindly explain who is calling from which extn and which extn is forward etc..

Amith K
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