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your settings looks good, this is more of an issue of internet explorer and external application container.

Do you really need to close the window when the call is dropped, what if agent is still interacting with the page and the custumer hangs up, the agent can't complete the work!

As per my knowledge and experiences, the IE usually freezes on javascript errors, and taking the whole application with it. We are not using external application container because we need more control with the opened pages (page interactions based on application events, ...) so we show the pages in custom plugins by use of .net webbrowser control, which also freezes on bad javascript errors, in worst cases we show a page in custom external container, that hosts/opens custom application, that acts as a browser. In this case at least if the browsers freezes, it doesnt take the whole application with it. The price we pay for using IE and domain authentication.

1) So check the webpage code for any unhandled javascript errors/exceptions and fix it.
2) Do you really need to automatically close the page after the call? Change the rule on next call to navigate the same window with new call data instead.
3) Use another browser if domain authentication is not used.
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