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Hi Nerl, first of all, thanks for your reply.

I try to explain better.

When you are in a POM Preview Campaign and Agents make (obviously) preview dialing, normally agent contact to client and all is fine, but sometimes MPP recieves from Line Operator the SIP signaling "486 Busy Tone", because the other side (clients) are communicating, BUT the agents don't hear anything...just hear silence...and they don't know what happened with that call.

If we dial through CS1K, i guess CS1K provide that tones, but we are dialing through SIP trunk and this way is mandatory for our client...

If I understand, in an AACC architecture, the resposible of offer that tones are the AACC Media Component ( MAS ) but with AACC+POM i'm not sure...

I hope this explanation clarify you.
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