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Hi frade2,

I understand better now, thank you for the explanation.

The component in question that should provide the tone is either the MPP, or the AMS (MAS). Since POM is installed as an addon onto AAEP, the MPP normally provides the DSP resources for the AAEP environment. But, since POM is used with AACC, I guess the AMS also has a part to play.

Do the agents hear the ringback when the other side is ringing? My best guess would be to check the communication between the MPP and AMS in terms of codec and companding mode. If they don't hear ringback at all, even on successful calls, it might also be worth checking the RTP port ranges. The audio path during alerting (or busy tone) and active calls differ sometimes.

The tracesm utility on Session Manager (if present in your environment) should give you an indication of which nodes are communicating with which other nodes in terms of signalling, and depending on the hairpinning and audio shuffling settings in you environment, should give you an idea of the path the audio is trying to take.

Not a very clear answer, but I hope it points you in some direction.
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