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Solution Confirmed Speech Server (OSCAR) software versions questions

This is what I learnt after getting Tier 4 assistance:

1. The Nortel_SelfService field shows the version of the patch installer (and nothing to do with the version of the actual patch bundle)

2. The cut-date fields are meaningless (for those "in the field")

3. Basically, for those releases I was enquiring about (3.0.0 Patch Bundle 3 and 5), the actual displayed version levels (or lack there of) of the various modules shown by the perirev command are most probably misleading. It would be better to use the release notes for the appropriate patch bundle (patchlevel field) to find the version of each installed module. At this stage, I don't have the time to check other sites with later releases of 3.0 or 3.5 to see whether this issue with the perirev command has been fixed.

Hopefully, this info may be of use to someone else.


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