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Post Signal Handling SBCE SIPREC help !!!

Good morning to everybody:

I have a question about how I have to develop the SIGMA script to integrate into SBCE for a SIPREC

I tell you what my problem is, I have CM -> SM -> SBC> CISCO

In the SBC I have already created the SIPREC and Flow made, today SIPREC is recording, but I need to add in the XML of the UPDATE that I send to the SIPREC Server I would like to include the Call Origination.
That would be a solution or a callingparted field with the extension number.

I also note that when the AVAYA Telephone makes the call against the CISCO system, a notification package with the correct information arrives from SM to the SBCE, who originates the call, etc. If that information can be passed from the NOTIFY to the SIPREC also I do not care.

I hope someone has this same problem with SIPREC and among all try to find a solution.

I know that initially I am sure that I have to do a SIGMA script in the SBCE but I don't find values ​​or information on how to build the script with fields that I want in XML


Thank you very much everyone for the response.
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