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Default IPOCC Call Priority

Dear All,

I am trying to implement a requirement where few sets of caller are more important(high priority) and their calls should be delivered to agents first irrespective of prior low priority calls in queue. For example Platinum customer call should be delivered first to agents even if any earlier call for gold customer is on queue.

I have implemented below steps
  1. All calls come to main Topic, and further routed to company_task_flow.
  2. from the company_task_flow I route the call to an IVR, where priority of customer is fetched from database and assigned to a global variable.
  3. IVR returns the call to task flow i.e. company_task_flow. Now I have 2 priorities of customer i.e. Platinum and Gold.
  4. I have created additional Task flows i.e. Platinum_task_flow and Gold_task_flow. Here I have assigned Platinum_task_flow topic higher priority i.e. 100 and Gold_task_flow topic has lower priority i.e. 90.
  5. From the company_task_flow I check the customer priority value by comparing the tag value i.e platinum or Gold and send the call to Platinum_task_flow and Gold_task_flow based on value retrieved from database.
  6. These both task flows further routes the call to same agent group.
Now as per my understanding Platinum calls should be always delivered to agents first irrespective of even if Gold customers are in queue. but same is not happening. Below are test cases.
  1. Gold customer calls first and goes into waiting queue.
  2. Platinum customer calls second and goes in waiting queue.
  3. Now when agent becomes available, gold call is delivered first. Ideally as per my requirement and understanding Platinum call should be delivered first.
Kindly assist if someone has implemented call priority functionality in IPOOCC. I am not able to find any other way to implement this. Also assist if I am missing anything in configuration or there is any other way to achieve this which I am not aware of.

Rajat Verma
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