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Default ASBCE 6.3 "Problem connecting to WebLM Server"

Hi there,

I recently installed a virtualized ASBCE R6.3 and a standalone WebLM OVA.

ASBCE M1 interface has IP
WebLM has IP

Following the ASBCE deployment guide I entered as External WebLM Server URL but get an error message "Problem connecting to WebLM Server".

From ASBCE CLI I can ping WebLM but if I try to traceroute WebLM I can see that ASBCE seems not to connect directly but tries to use some routing hops and I think that is the main reason.

I can see output like
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1  * * *
 2  * * *
 30  * * *
Seems like the only device I can traceroute without any hops in between is my default gateway.

Does anyone has an idea where to start searching?

Thanks in advance,

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