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Default 9608 IP Phone - No Ring but Flashing LED

Hello folks

I have some 9608 IP phones with firmware SP 6.2.3 H.323 release on them. There are about 1500 installed on the system. We are having to reboot about 5 per week because they will indicate an incoming call on the LED but do not ring. A reboot of the phone corrects the problem.

I looked through the readme on the latest release for firmware and it didn't mention this issue.

We are monitoring so that we can verify that the audio patch is in fact set for handset and not headset, and, that the ringer volume has not been turned all the way down.

This sounds similar to something I vaguely recall from years ago on the 4600 IP phones but can not remember what the resolution was.

If you have had or have heard of something like this, please share the resolution or any thoughts you have.

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