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Default WFO Screen Capture in Citrix

We are in the middle of a Avaya WFO implementation and are running into an issue with Citrix Published Applications and screen recording.

Our agents use a WYSE thin client with a Citrix terminal session as their desktop. We also have agents/supervisors that use PCs. We have the screen capture client installed on the Citrix published desktop as well as on physical desktop PCs. Recording the published desktop or physical desktop alone does not cause any issues. However when the agent launches a published application from their application portal the new session takes over the screen capture and only the published application is recorded.

I have read through the DRG and understand the limitations of screen recording in citrix. The document states that it is best practices to restrict users to a single citrix server however this goes against Citrix best practices for load balancing and HA. Justifiably our Citrix admins do not want to take this course of action to resolve the issue.

Ideally we would like to disable screen capture on the published applications and only record from the published desktop or PC. I have been unable to find a way to do this. If anyone has experienced this issue before and knows of a fix or workaround it would be greatly appreciated.

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