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Question One-X Portal and Communicator and Ports

We've been slowly rolling out One-X Portal and One-X Communicator to our community. So far, the roll out has been pretty easy (other than the lack of ability to automate the rollout, and/or push out settings to end users). One issue we run across on occasion is that when users log out, sometimes their phone port does not return to its previous value. For example, their phone may be on port 23A1012, and when they login, it is changed to S00223. When they logout, it is supposed to return to 23A1012, but that is not only the case.

There are no error messages presented to the user, nor are there any in the logs of 1XP, AES or CM. The display errors really shows no interesting infomation, other than the port was reassigned to a software port (S002233)

                             HARDWARE ERROR REPORT
Port      Mtce     Alt             Err   Aux    First/Last   Err Err Rt/ Al Ac
          Name     Name            Type  Data   Occurrence   Cnt Rt  Hr  St
S01774    DIG-IP-S 29211           0     40968  04/05/10:26  3   1   0   n  n
Has anybody seen this issue before? Any thoughts on where to go for more info? The 1XP is on 5.2, with the latest SP, AES is at 5.0, and CM is at 5.2.0 with the latest SP.


-Nick Kwiatkowski, ACS
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