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I would like to Explain it again:

I'm running Avaya IP Office 11. I'm trying to get One-X working with VoIP. I installed the app on my phone, and it works fine on the local network. When I go off-site, the app says "VoIP is partially connected.
Looking at the Wireshark Trace, I do not see any 5060 (SIP) attempts. Looking at the Firewall packet sniffing I do not see and 5060 SIP) attempts. I temporarily removed all port/IP restrictions from my firewall to the One-X server, but it still wasn't working.
This is my topology is my ipo 500 box (Reolves is my one x portal server (Resolves
I have already create fqdn on my dns server, both of those DNS entries resolve to a public IP. The public IP NAT internal One-X Portal Server IP local IP my phone use the one x server Domain name.
from off-site, Using a browser,
https://[Public- IP-ADDRESS]:8444/rest/my/im-info
https://[Public- IP-ADDRESS]:8444/rest/my/sip-info
I can access and see user information.

So it seems like the Avaya system itself is blocking the external connections. Any ideas? Does anybody have any idea about it?
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