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Smile J169 Phones

Hi All
We have a large enterprise customer running on SMGR, ASM, CM on Rls We have 1000x 9608 phones deployed with no issues.

Customer purchased 3000 x J169 phones of which 2000 approx are deployed. The are running on firmware from RLS 2.0 to
Recently some of the remote sites are complaining of two issues:

1. At random the feature buttons (CALL-FWD and CALL-PICKUP) are disappearing from the main screen. I did find a PSN that this is a know issue and will be addresses in 8.1
2. When the end user picks up the handset to either ring out or take a call, there is a delay of about 3 seconds before dial-tone or the call is established. Also when dialing he number the digits are slow to appear on the phone screen..

just wondering have any of you seen similar before?

Thanks Paul
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