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Default Setting up Authorization codes to create restrictions based on use and not extension

I am working with IPO R6.0.8 and I am using call restrictions based on account codes. There are currently 150+ account codes assigned.

The customer would like to have the ability for the users to go to any phone on the system to place thier outbound calls and the client wants to be able to restrict calls based on account code and not by user/extension.

I have done some research and found that this is possible to do this using Authorization codes. I have created a test authorization code of "4390" (which does not match any account codes). When a user dials "9", the ARS table is referenced. In this ARS table, if the user dial "1" followed by any numbers I have set the short code to "force authorization code". The user enters "4390" which is setup up to refer to a user right called "4390A". In the user right, short codes are set to apply to user right and there is a short code added as follows 19055656565/dial/19055656565/0.

The goal here is that 19055656565 is going to be the only long distance number that this user can call, however, I am finding that the user can dial anything as long as they enter "4390"

Have I missed anything?

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