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Hmmm, good piece! There's no doubt Twitter and Facebook have changed person to person communications. The next "big" change is video.

I won't go into all the drivers, but as we've seen before with Communication Technology, when all the technical parts advance at the same time as the financial need / desire emerges...revolution. Person to person video is just at the edge of exploding. I know, that's been said for quite some time now... or, everybody said the same thing about VoIP / IPT, right? Well, video's traditional infrastructure was so expensive it never reached critical mass, so there's no huge investment loss or user impact since not many used it. We are all still fighting the legacy PBX battle and will be for some time. Dang things just won't die and management knows it!

Also technically, everything just happens to be coming together at the same time. I like to use the OSI Model as a tool in forecasting these things. If you have an understanding of the OSI model, look at the layers and think about what's new or now relevant in each layer as it pertains to video. When everything from the end-user application / hardware, the app signalling protocol, video codecs, all the way down to the physical network capacity required comes together, whala!

Now, if all the Comm apps support SIP... There can / could be many UCC apps that pull it all together.
Gary Rogerson
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