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Originally Posted by srike1070 View Post
So regardless of which version of Central Management I've installed I only get an error stating "Central Management Authentication Failed. Verify that login and password is correct." I was able to use Apache Directory Studio to successfully connect to and browse my AD server using the credentials I supplied to CM during the install. I have the agents added in CM (uploaded excel csv doc as per documentation) and created templates and groups. It does not appear that CM is communicating with AD properly. I did the test of adding a web administration user to CM that is in AD and it just gives me the "you are not authorized" message. I added a web admin user that happened to be a local Red Hat user and I was able to log in. Is there some basic step I am missing? I followed the install instructions for System Manager, Presence, and CM from the One X Server install guide. BTW - Presence seems to work fine, just CM is problematic.
What version are you running now?
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