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Originally Posted by verma62 View Post
Text for different numbers can be retrieved from database or text files.
But you need to verify if you store this text in a variable, and that variable can be used in tts.

In TTS you specify the text, but I don't remember if this text can be defined in a variable and that variable can be used for supplying this text.
The manual saids: "text to speech: Type the text directly, Specify a Variable you can select an standard variable or a tag for the text by selecting the Var checkbox, and Select File with the text"

Then I suppose that is possible build and text file maybe csv with some information:
" Hello "Jhon Wayne", you have a date tomorrow "09-02-2016" at "12:00" Where the information of customer is in the text file I mean (Jhon Wayne, 09-02-2016, 12.00)
The task flow for the dialer I understand that must transfer to the announcemente with TTS automatically. Anyone have and example for this kind of werid configuration?
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