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I received this error multiple times as well while using the Configuration Backup and Restore Portlet within BCM.

I performed a backup on all of our ERS 4800 Edge Switch stacks (~400 switches). For some reason, there were seven switch stacks that produced the same error that jborwi noted in the beginning of the post.
  • The SNMP credentials are correct
  • Telnet is functioning normally
What I ended up doing is creating a new task for those individual stacks, and after a few tries it finally worked.

That's probably the reason for that stack.I have noticed that in this case the ascii backup was ok but not the bin.And unfortunately to recover the base , a reboot of the entire stack is necessary.For the second stack, is the stack OK (fully redondant ?)
For reference, I went back and checked the health of each stack to make sure that there were no temporary bases assigned. I found that all of the stacks were fine.

So I think it's possible that stack health could be causing issues in some cases, but there could be other reasons at play. I have no idea what those reasons are, but I just wanted to share my experience.

Maybe someone else might have some more insight.
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