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Originally Posted by lebon View Post
you create a "user profil" and apply to the "Agent"
Agent IPOCC => Agent

After IPOCC synchronyse only the "name"
Ahh Ok, I catch it.
All Agent in IPO is set up as Agent IPOCC => Agent, but IPOCC still deleting

In the IPOSyncService log I saw lots of java error like this:

B9396a 01:19:50.345 TC_Error Exception occurred during authentication:java.lang.Exception: connect timed out
B9399a 01:19:51.054 TC_Error Exception occurred while getting user: java.lang.NullPointerException
B9400a 01:19:51.054 TC_General User added is not of type IPOCC Agent. Hence ignoring

Little bit later:

B9748a 01:21:35.906 TC_General User is present in IPOCC DPamfileHence deleting
B9755a 01:21:40.644 TC_General Deleting Agent Adolhan
B9847a 01:21:40.696 TC_General Agent Adolhan telephony deleted in IPOCC having guid 78AF8400482911DF994C204747987F5A
B9895a 01:21:40.779 TC_General Telephone removed successfully for agent Adolhan having guid 78AF8400482911DF994C204747987F5A
B9896a 01:21:40.808 TC_General Updating cache after deleting agent Adolhan
B9897a 01:21:40.809 TC_General deleting name from guid map after deleting agent Adolhan
B9898a 01:21:40.809 TC_General Deleting Agent BNitu
B9988a 01:21:41.015 TC_General Agent BNitu telephony deleted in IPOCC having guid 8B29A080482911DF997E204747987F5A
C0038a 01:21:41.058 TC_General Telephone removed successfully for agent BNitu having guid 8B29A080482911DF997E204747987F5A

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