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From the logs, there seems to be some issues.

=> Which was the IPOCC version from which you upgraded ?

=> Seems the network connection between IPO and IPOCC is going up/down, or the IPO Web Manager is going up/down. That is reflected as "connect timed out" in logs. This needs to be corrected. Can you please check the state of WebManager in IPO. You can view service state on IPO dashboard (port 7071).

=> Can you please check IPO Sync Service Configuration. If earlier this was working well, this should be correct, unless someone changed the credentials at IPO end.
The configuration is under PBX -> PBXServer -> Conf Access. Please verify the credentials. The port should be 7070 in case of IPO Server edition.

=> Sync Service received notifications from IPO related to User's. And these User's didn't had agent type set. Normally Sync Service discards there notifications, unless the User name matches that of an IPOCC Agent, in which case, it is an indication to remove Telephony of IPOCC Agent. That's why Sync Service deleted agents from IPOCC.
e.g. agent BCurmei
Sync service added this Agent in IPOCC (or enabled its telephony)
D6887d 14:29:55.397 TC_General Adding agent BCurmei
D6888d 14:29:55.398 ISS_DB_interact ISS: GlobalAccountDAO::addGlobalAccount, agentID, Name BCurmei
D6912d 14:29:55.405 TC_General Add/Update done successfully in global account for BCurmei
D6913d 14:29:55.409 ISS_DB_interact ISS: PABXAgent::addAgent() Add database
D7062d 14:29:55.439 TC_General Agent BCurmei having guid 89F80A80482911DF9974204747987F5A Added in IPOCC
D7067d 14:29:55.446 TC_General Updating map after adding in PABXAGENT and GLOBALACCOUNT for BCurmei
D7068d 14:29:55.446 ISS_DB_interact ISS: addPABXDevice:: add Agent in DB
D7124d 14:29:55.461 TC_General Telephone extension 6321added/updated successfully for agent BCurmei

Later Sync Service received a notification from IPO
F1592d 15:00:17.363 TC_General SMAClientConnector.onMessage() Received notification...

This notification didn't had the user "BCurmei" marked as IPOCC Agent. Hence Sync Service removed Telephony of that agent from IPOCC.

=> One possibility is that that User's are being re-created in IPO, and this is causing the issue.
If the user's/Agents are being edited either from IPOCC or IPO it is better. Having them edited from both places can cause issues.
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