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Originally Posted by johns1323 View Post
So it's not possible otherwise? I'm not sure how to even do what you're suggesting.
It doesn't look like the other responses in this thread have been very helpful for you so here goes.

CMS has a feature called "Call History Interface" which allows you to capture call by call information which is visible within CMS Supervisor. You first need to activate the feature - which is done by specifying the number of call records to be retained, up to 99999. It is not likely that you will have the permissions to set this but either your IT/Telecoms team or the company who supplied/support your CMS server will be able to activate this.

Once that's set up, you'll get access to a hidden historical report called "Call Records" which you can export to Excel and filter as you please. It's likely that the CALLING_PTY (Calling Party) and ANSLOGIN (The ID of the agent who answered the call if appropriate) fields will be of most use to you.

There's much more information but not much space or context to go into that here. I'd recommend reviewing chapter 2 of this Avaya document: and speaking to your IT/Telecoms team.
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