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Originally Posted by hurdk View Post
I have had no issues installing 7.1.2 on an 8300D. Once the AVP is installed and you accept the license. you can deploy the utility server. I would upgrade the US before deploying the CM but that's just me.
Thanks for your reply. Good to know that somebody can testify that this works.
I was beginning to think that somehow R7.1.2 wouldn't work on such an old and underperformant server such as the S8300D.
But tell me, how did you install the utility server without getting an error message such as the one that I mentioned above?
Here's a link to the message:

Originally Posted by hurdk View Post
Keep in mind once you install the AVP 7.1.2 you will now be in license error mode and have to install the license for AVP to continue. If you are looking to avoid this then I would install the 7.0 and all the OVA's then upgrade the AVP to 7.1.2. Again, you will need to license it or it will keep hitting you with popups about the license.
I see...
Well this is only for lab purposes. We just want to get a grasp of the process so that we're prepared when our customers start moving into R7.x.

Originally Posted by lecle4 View Post
utility server needs to be the first VM deployed on any AVP host..
I can see that now. But that's not easy to understand from the CM documentation.
We are now reading the documentation for System Manager and on that one it is more clear that we need to deply US before anything else.
Also, we can't find much information on the G4x0 configuration, on how to setup it's ethernet ports, on why there is now an Out Of Band Management, on the best practices to setup OOBM, etc.
We're in a maze because we have several small guides but we don't have the master guide to tell us on which guide to start and which guides to follow that one.

Thank you both for your replies.
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