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I can tell you that when I preload in the lab I use a simple layer 3 switch and mimic the customers network and use a connection to the DL360 and or MG4x0 to deply my software.

After the AVP is installed I can use SDM to load US which usually completes no issue,. I then install CM next and then the rest of my OVA's depending on the server type.

I have a WEBLM ova I run and redeploy as needed to set the SMGR/WEBLM address of the actual customers address and host the license there unitl I complete the preload and config then I will rehost to the customers when on site.

I do this to burn in my hardware and run a number of reboots to make sure I have no hardware /software issues. Then Its a simple rack and stack and or install/cutover.
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