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Okay, I think I'm missing something here.
In the US, the emergency is 911 and it is usual to find the ARS access digit to be 9.
Which means that people will either dial 9 for accessing the ARS and then 911 (full string is 9911) or people will only dial 911.
In the latter, the system is "dumb" and thinks the 9 is still the ARS access digit.
That means in the US, tech guys need to cover for both possibilities.

In Europe OTOH, the usual digit for accessing the ARS is 0 (except UK) and the emergency number is 112.
So, we have to cover both scenarios. Either 0112 or just 112.
In this case, how would I use the "ars digit-conversion" in order to allow the stations to just dial 112 and place the call through a landline?
The config options are, Matching Pattern, Min, Max, Del, Replacement String, Net, Conv, ANI, Req.
I was wondering it would look like:
pattern-112, min-3, max-3, del-0, string-0112, net-ars, conv-n,req-n
But this fails miserably on me with a denial event, whereas dialing 0112 from the phone works just great.
Thanks in advance.
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