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Originally Posted by alb293 View Post
Set up your routing pattern for the 112 condition.
Enter the location Trunk Group, FRL 0, NPA for that location, nothing in the next 4 fields is necessary, then in Inserted Digits put "0". Save this routing pattern.
Then, in the ARS analysis table for each location, enter dialed string 112, Total Min 3, Total Max 3, the routing pattern that you created for the 211 condition in that location, then Call Type "emer". Save.
This isn't working for me. And it's not making sense either.
First thing is, how does the dialed string even gets to the ARS analysis table if the station is not dialing 0 in front of the 112.
Now, let's say that it gets there. I dial 112 and the system uses the ARS tables, finds a match which states that the call is 'emer' type and that it needs to be routed throug the routing pattern 1.
Routing pattern 1 is setup with a single trunk group 1, with FRL 0 and it has a 0 in the inserted digits.
To me, that means that I dialed 112, went through the ARS tables, found the routing pattern 1 table and now the call is being routed to trunk group 1 with '0 112'.
In this what it does? It adds a 0 and tries to put the call through trunk 1? If so, this is definitely not what I am looking for.
But please correct me if I am wrong (I must be): does the call even get to look at the ARS tables? Because I'm not dialing any 0, just 112. If so, how can the call be looking at the ARS tables in the first place?
Thanks in advance.
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