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Default IPOCC queries

Hello Team,

Need help on IPOCC queriesshared below .

One of our BP has following queries on IPOCC :

“1. Can we run email KPI’s (reports) based on completed email based on email subject line?

2. Customer service department receives an email ( Bob is the agent that deals with the email and response to this email. If client requires additional information on his original request and response to the email that Bob sent can the email go back to Bob? It is important to note that all emails coming from customer service are not individual personalized emails rather Customerservice”

We did investigation from our end and we are aware that the second functionality that he has mentioned is possible via preferred agent feature (correct me if I am wrong) but for point no one nothing is explicitly documented on the same.

I went through the IPOCC reporting task based which provides details Topic Reporting settings which says :
The agent can create reports relating to Topics. As with the Topic privilege, the agent can be given additional privileges to create other reports when the relevant check box is selected. In similar manner, privileges to generate reports can be removed by selecting the required check box.

Please confirm. Quick response will be of great help!


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