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Default Design wlan 9100

1.Is it any detailed desig Guide for planing WLAN 9100.
2. About Maximum Associated Users to AP's 9122/9123/9132/9133 - 240 (120 per radio).
Could use both Radios with 2.4GHz ? - and it means i can connect 240 user with 2.4GHz(teoretically).

3.HOW many user really recommend per one AP's 9122/9123/9132/9133 (if plans to use WI-FI Phones,laptop,tablets)?
Often recomends 20-25 user per AP.
3.1. How many simultaneously voice calls(WI-FI Phones) supports each AP.

4.Cell Sizes(There are four standard sizes Small, Medium, Large, or Max (the default is Max))
Cold you approximately to tell cell sizes in meters or in feet(for cubicles office) ?

5.About distance between WAPs.
In design guide is written - If using multiple WAPs in the same area, maintain a distance of at least
100ft/30m between WAPs if there is direct line-of-sight between units, or at least 50ft/15m if a wall or other barrier exists between units.

This recommendstion for small Cell Sizes?
If it is much user then recommendet per IP HOW it is possible to istall additional AP?
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