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Does the issue exist also on the IPOCC Server?: Interesting when logging onto the server as an Agent, I am not able to select an extension, so voice is not working, but E-Mail did work.

Is it an issue of the connection between Agent PC and the IPOCC Server?
The Agent PC is able to connect to voice Topics, but not E-Mail. As stated above, the opposite is true when logging the same agent onto the server directly.

TaskServerManager: PrintTS

2: name=UMRTaskServer, tsId=4f7c744351010c00, pbxId=0000000000000000, state=RouteActive, annotation=

TTrace Kernel PrintTS:
3: UMRTaskServer TaskType=Email, tsId=4f7c744351010c00, pabxId=0000000000000000, state=RouteActive

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