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can you try the below steps and let me know if it works or not .

Setting Privacy Enforcement Level for IMAP4 clients

About this task

If a message is marked private, then it may not be forwarded by the recipient from the Telephone User Interface.
You can set the privacy enforcement type field to email (request receiver to keep message private) or voice-mail (enforce privacy). This field only affects the IMIA interface, thus private messages are still by default not forwardable from the TUI.
The privacy enforcement type feature consists of the following:
  • When attempting to send a private message out of the system via SMTP, the message is blocked.
  • When retrieving a private message via POP3 or IMAP4, by an unapproved client results in the correct header, but a canned body indicating the message is private and it may not be retrieved by the client the user is using. The canned message is localized by the language in the user's Class of Service.
Depending on the privacy enforcement level set, the system blocks a private message to a user and displays a warning message when retrieving the message from IMAP4 or POP3.
To set the privacy enforcement level for IMAP4 clients:


  1. Select System Administration, under Messaging Administration.
  2. On the Administer System Attributes and Ports Web page, under the System Attributes section, indicate whether the privacy enforcement is of the Voice style privacy or Email style privacy. The default enforcement level is Voice.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Select Voice. If you select Voice, message forwarding is not available through the TUI or Message Manager. Messages are only delivered or available to clients that are known to respect voice-mail style privacy. Note Most email clients (for example: IMAP4, POP3) do not restrict the forwarding of messages.

    • Select Email. If you select Email, the message is marked as private and it is up to the recipient to enforce the privacy of the message. Note IMAP4 clients determine the age of a message with the help of the aging parameter in subscriber Class-of-service.


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