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Hi Dear ,

I ran the test in my Lab AACC 6.4 SP13 with latest SDK and when Agent disconnect the chat ,then customer get a notification that Agent left the Session .

When customer disconnect the chat then Agent get notification that customer left .
In both scenerio session is getting close in Database without manual effort .

Can you check your client AgentDesktop logs & see in failure scenerio do you see below messaging in client.

***Starting to close session for Contact 2 at 06:27:49.223

CheckSecurityLevel for thread: WC Close Session Start of DataLayer CloseSession. was successful

Entering CommunicationLayer.CloseSession
Using Web Reference: http://<CCMMSERVERNAME>/csp/multimed...mmsSession.cls
Leaving CommunicationLayer.CloseSession
usrIncomingTextChat.CloseSessionComplete() - IsHandleCreated: True
usrIncomingTextChat.CloseSessionComplete() - IsHandleCreated: True

***Finished closing session for Contact 2 at 06:27:49.553

these messages will involke webservice to close the session.