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Default Email in CCMM not sent to Master_Script.

We have expanded an existing AACC 6.2 with CCMM. Applied a new license and installed CCMM. Commissioning and Configuration done. We have 1 test email account, which CCMM is able to connect to. The Emails are retrieved from Exchange ok, but the Rule Group we created is never applied, only the system Rule Group is applied, where EM_Default_Skillset is stored.
But the Email never appears in the Master Script.
The agent we have created is all the skillsets and he can see all the contacts but can never pull one of these emails to his desktop
Route Points are installed and aquired.
If we do a Routing Search we get the following: No matching rule group found, the system default rule will be applied.

In the Logs we found the following messages:
CMF log
Caused by: com.j_spaces.core.client.FinderException: Failed to find: rmi://CCM0003:8100/OAMContainer/oam
2012-11-12 09:44:28.080 +0100 Manager ERROR com.nortelnetworks.portal.cmf.core.util.SpaceUtil SpaceUtil()::Error - Space not found[rmi://CCM0003:8100/OAMContainer/oam]. FinderException[Failed to find: rmi://CCM0003:8100/OAMContainer/oam] Cause[javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is java.rmi.UnmarshalException: Transport return code invalid]].

11.20'/><StandbyAddress value=''/><ManagedAddress value='Unknown'/><OAMContainer value=''/><OAMStandbyContainer value=''/><State value='Active'/><CTIProxy value='0'/><VoiceProxy value='0'/><IMProxy value='0'/><MissionCritical value='0'/><OAMToolkitAddress value=''/><AgentGreeting value='0'/><ContactRecording value='0'/><IMPresence value='0'/><Multiplicity value='1'/><OffSiteAgent value='0'/><OIOpenN value='0'/><OIOpenQ value='0'/><OpenQueue value='1'/><WebBasedStats value='1'/></Features>
2012-11-16 10:11:05.202 +01:00 OAMClient 32E4 8000 Info None
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