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I found myself in the same position about a month ago. I opened a ticket with Avaya and spend 8-10 hours working through various methods in out attempts to resolve.

We were getting a similar error as your trace shows, " handleData: readingFailedrotocol readBytes: EOF", and could not find a solution to that error.

After no progress I suggested pulling a backup of my Server Edition configuration and Voice Mail Pro, (not backing up the settings in One-X as that was where we were having trouble) and performing a fresh install.

It did work, and the customer has almost 4 weeks of problem free connectivity with their (15) One-X Mobile Preferred users, all of which are iPhone users.

We never did find the root issue, but it only took about 3 hours to pull the backups, perform the new install, and restore the backups.

A reasonable solution to this problem, eh? In fact, you can keep your ip office as is, and back up the voice mail pro portion of your application server and reformat/reinstall application server.
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