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I had similar issues on my first tries with the "Mobile Clients".

First make sure that you use the latest version of IP Office and all related applications.

Make sure you configured, use the right user name and not the extension number to login with your mobile client. Make sure you configured as well a Login Code for your extension.

I suppose as well that you use One-X Mobile for Preferred Edition?

Check if the right User profile is selected and the right options are checked?

Check if it works without "VoIP" activated on the client? If yes, configure IPO properly for remote extension.

Some points that help me out:

A) Demo System on your Laptop
I suppose that you run IP Office Demo on your laptop?
If so, make sure you installed it in VMWare player via the ISO image and not via the OVA. If you install it via the ISO Image it should work without any issues and out of the Box.

B) Application Server
I installed an architecture with an additional application server at a customer and it worked after I configured everything like mentioned in the IP Office Knowledgebase. make sure SIP Remote Extension is checked and properly configured on the IP Office.

You will find a good explication in the knowledgebase.
\Technical\Standard Editions\IP Office 9.1\English\one-x Mobile\Admin
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