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Default Cannot login to Nortel Contivity 1010?

Hi guys,

Our Nortel Contivity 1010 VPN router worked perfectly for years.

Then the other day it blew up; I think the motherboard overheated or similar. No problem, I had backed up the settings.

I bought an identical model on a well known auction site, with the intention of restoring my backup onto this box. (I'm assuming the 1010 was discontinued many years ago and therefore no longer for sale new).

The new box switches on just fine and I have reset it using a paper clip in the REC hole. Great. It says "Booting Recovery Mode" when I do this.

At the login prompt however, I am unable to login with the username/password of admin/setup. Unless I am mistaken, this is the default login. I tried a few other obvious combinations of blank, administrator, root, setup, password, nortel, even calvin lol without success.

Thinking my failure to login was related to something very odd about the particular box, I then purchased a third box, again second-hand, and I have exactly the same problem!

Does anybody know what am I doing wrong? It seems to me like resetting these boxes resets everything apart from the login?


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