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Hello Ramesh,

Thanks for the response. I will try to answer the steps as accurately as possible:

I think you are not going to the recovery mode, it wont ask the username password.

That's what I thought. Anyway, answers are below!

The procedure is given below:
This procedure mentions how to use the recovery mode for VPN Router 600.
1. Plug in the console cable, the LAN 0 cable, and the DC input cable from the Contivity 600 power supply.

Ok, done.

2. Start HyperTerminal (or another terminal emulation program) on your PC and connect to the console port of the Contivity 600.

Good. I am using Putty fwiw.

3. Apply AC power to the power supply.


4. Press the RC (recovery) switch on the rear of the Contivity 600 by inserting a paper clip into the hole marked “RC” on the rear of the chassis .

It is shown as "Rec" on my 1010 unit, but yes, no problem.

5. The RC switch is located between the LAN 0 cable and the DC input cable

The REC switch is at the back next to the power on the 1010 but similar, yes.

6. On your console you will see the BIOS banner and the Nortel Networks Contivity banner.

Yes, my BIOS is v4.3 for the record.

7. You will then observe the unit execute its power-on self-test. You can press the switch anytime during the power tests.

Great, yes, two lines appear at the top relating to RAM checks.

8. A momentary press is all that is required. You do not need to hold the button down.

Okay no problem. Done.

9. After executing the power-on self-test, the console displays the message Booting recovery image

Yes. Exact text is "Booting recovery image...". (And if I do not press the "Rec" button I do not see this line and the unit boots up with different text.)

Booting the recovery image takes approximately 40 seconds.
After the recovery image boots, the Contivity 600 displays the welcome message, the recovery image version, and a prompt for you to enter the administrator’s user name.

Yes. If I enter "admin" it asks for a password. If I then enter "setup" it just asks for the password again. So I don't get as far as logging in.

Wierd isn't it? I get exactly the same on two 1010 units: the exact model number of one is DM140110 and the other is 1401092E5Rev1.


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