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Default Voicemail Pro Client Tranfers

Hi All,

First time posting here.

We are currently using Avaya IP Office Manager and Avaya Voicemail Pro Client here in the office and I have been trying to solve a transfer issue in regards to the call flow of our main module.

What we currently have is the external caller calls into the office using our main line, they are greeted with a message letting them know which prompts they can use. For example they can press 5?? to transfer to any 500 series extension. We currently have the module looking like this....

Start Point -> Menu -> 5?? Prompt is entered -> Transfer option set to $KEY to accept any 5?? extension and ring that specific extension.

The 5?? extension is then forwarded unconditionally to a dedicated employee who answers that extension, if they don't pick up it goes to there voicemail. This works fine, but we are looking to expand on this further.

We are looking to perform the following function additionally....

If the employee does not pick up instead of going to there voicemail right away, we would like to go to another menu with another prompt saying "The service advisor is currently unavailable at this time, if urgent please press 1 to be connected to the support group, or 2 to reach the service advisers voicemail". I found out that transfer option cannot be directly connected to another menu (unless i'm mistaken) and have found that if I want to achieve this I would need to use a "Assisted Transfer Action" option.

Is this the best way?

Thanks for your help,
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