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So now I have a new problem. I've found an unused vector and number to play with, and with no changes the faxes go into the fax server and come to me no problem.

If I change it to implement routing based upon ANI... using:

vrt table 1 containing one entry 330+

vector 22
1) goto step 10 if ani in table 1
2) busy
3) stop
10) converse-on skill 67 pri m passing vdn and none

Hunt-group 67 (contains fax ports for fax server)

Now... it does not work (calling from area code 330), but if I change the step 1 in vector 22

1) goto step 10 if ani not-in table 1

it works... so somehow my ANI doesn't appear to get through correctly, but when received, the fax shows an ANI (from number) of 330 664 xxxx

So... something isn't right... any ideas?
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