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Default Avaya Switch Internet Configuration

Hi everybody, I'm new here, my company started working with Avaya products ( I still don't have a Sold To associated ), but we already start installing more than 12 switches and Avaya phones in a client.

So my problem is:

We started to create a stack with 5 switches.
Switch IP
Default Gateway
Stack IP
We created 2 vlans in stack:
vlan DATA

the vlans are working ( I can connect two devices in vlan DATA and ping between it)

after that we connected a cable from internet provider (modem) directly to the base switch in port 1 (default vlan).

The provider modem information is:
static ip

what configuration should I do to have internet in my switch?
(Note, I want internet all across default vlan and DATA and PHONE vlan)

Best regards, and thanks for your help in advance...
Antonio Ferrao
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